SMART-Start On-Site Installer Training Program

Metro’s SMART-Start On-Site Installer Training Program is designed for your crews to learn first-hand the skills to correctly install a Metro roof. Pay for a Metro Trainer on-site for Two (2) days ($500.00 USD/day), to help train your installers on YOUR Metro job. Metro Trainer’s travel and accommodation fees are covered in the program base fee of $1,000.00 USD along with one-90-min Roman Batten-Less Install DVD. You must provide a minimum of one (1) installer to learn the Metro details, and who can impart their learned knowledge to others in your company.
CONTRACTOR: Complete this on-line registration with preferred training dates, provide payment & indicate your local Metro distributor, BEFORE any Training session can be scheduled. Contractor is required to have on-site, before any training can take place, a complete Metro Installation Kit (Foot Bender, Top Bender & Cutter). This kit is available from your local Metro distributor.
OPTIONS: You can add additional copies of the Metro Roman Install DVD’s for your crews within this registration process too.
1. YOU select a convenient date from the on-line calendar for your SMART-Start Installer Training.
2. Contractor to have on-site Metro material, Hand-tools & complete Metro Installation Kit.
3. Your credit card will be charged once a training date is confirmed.
Most roofs require more than Two (2) days to finish & Metro makes no claim that the roof will be complete prior to the end of the Two (2) days of training. If upon arrival at the site, the Metro Trainer discovers no materials, competitors’ roof material, no competent staff, or no equipment previously requested (Installation Kit, etc.), then Metro reserves the right to cancel the SMART-start Installer Training immediately. Metro assumes no liability for delays caused by weather related situations and no refunds shall be made for delays of this kind. Weather delayed paid sessions will be applied to future training date(s). The contractor is solely responsible for following the local code requirements and obtaining the necessary permits for the job. Metro assumes no liability for workmanship and reserves the right to terminate the on-site training if the contractors staff being trained do not accept or follow the Metro Trainer's instructions. A $550.00 minimum charge shall be applied if this occurs.