Metro Full Color Range*

Our technical innovation and commitment to quality starts with the computerized stone-chip grading & blending process. Metro uses a finer, higher quality, non-oiled natural granite stone chip, which provides one of the tightest industry stone-coating matrixes available. Colors are either solid or flashed to provide a variegated non-patterned appearance. Metro colors are available in either Standard, Premium, or Special color categories, depending on the panel profile chosen. The finished result is a stone-coated steel panel roof product that carries a long-life, weather-proof warranty. With a Metro roof overhead, your home will be ready to withstand natures toughest challenges.
Always select color from a Metro stone-coated steel sample or panel to confirm your selection prior to purchase, as printed colors may vary. 
Shadow Wood
Weather Slate 
Weathered Timber
Mission Red
Terra Cotta
Mission Gold
Pearl White
Drift Wood