Metro Roof Products Press Releases

An Enticing Package: The Many Benefits of Stone-Coated Steel Roofing

Stone-coated steel roofing is proving to be more useful than just covering a house. One recent application specified stone-coated steel panels to be used as siding. The owner of a landmark commercial building in Los Angeles wanted to close off a series of thirdstory windows adjacent to the building’s brick façade.

“Meet With All Decision Makers”

J ust like every roof is different, so is every customer. You never know for sure what you’re dealing with until      you’re onsite. That’s why Wayne Stanek of Lifetime Shingles, with offices in Jordan, Minn., and Marshfield, Wis., makes sure he always meets with all of the decision makers. The sooner you can answer all the questions, the better chance you have of getting the project. You want to answer any possible objections — not leave it up to someone else. “When you’re dealing with a church, you’re best bet is making a presentation to the whole board,” Stanek says.

Church of the Good Shepherd

For 18 months, committee members struggled with what to do about the decrepit roof at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Arcadia, CA. They considered reroofing with concrete tile or asphalt shingle, but “we weren‟t real crazy” about either choice, said the pastor, Phil Wood. 
A few church members had steel roofing on their homes, but the committee figured the metal didn‟t look nice enough and was too expensive for more than 800 squares of church roofing.

California, Florida Homeowners First in U.S. to Receive New MetroROMAN® Tile Roof

OCEANSIDE, Calif. – Finding a roof with a true Mediterranean tile look without the traditional roofing drawbacks has been a challenge for homeowners. Metro Roof Products is about to make it easier. 
Metro has developed a new stone-coated steel roof panel, the MetroROMAN® Tile, that gives homeowners exactly the look they want while being lightweight, walkable and virtually unbreakable. Metro V.P.

Steel Roofs are Safest in Earthquakes

Structural and civil engineers in Southern California say home builders and homeowners should increase their use of lighter weight roofing products. 
“When you put a heavy mass on your home, like a concrete roof versus lightweight steel or cedar shake, it causes problems when the ground shakes,” said James A.

Earth(quake), Wind and Fire: These Roofs Won’t Rock

The wildfires in October 2003 proved the protective value of Metro Roof Products’ stonecoated steel roofing, but homeowners in Southern California should know about another natural disaster in which steel roofing can help: earthquakes. 
Seismic experts recently suggested that signs of a major earthquake are impending.

Metal Roofs Help Prevent Spread of Fires

As residents in Southern California began to clean up from the wildfires last fall, the survivors wondered what preventive measures they might take to avoid this level of devastation in the future. The Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) and fire prevention experts suggest that installing a metal roof is one of the most proactive steps that can be taken to reduce the chance of a house being destroyed by fire and the ability of the fires to spread. “I’ve seen too many homes burned to the ground, (a tragedy) that could’ve been prevented,” says Jim McMullen, former California State Fire Marshall.


One tough choice almost all homeowners eventually face is what type of material to use to build or replace their roof. Popular choices are asphalt or fiberglass shingles, wood or cedar shake or shingles, clay tiles, slate, fibrous cement - and steel. Steel roofs? Did you think they were just for commercial buildings? Isn't a steel roof just a big, clunky metal-looking roof that belongs in an industrial park? You may not have noticed, but many homes are being roofed with steel.

“Smart Roof” for Street of Dreams “Smart House”

Kent Wong is a smart man who set out to build what he called a “smart house.” It was not surprising, then, that he chose to install a Smart Roof. 
As he shopped around, Wong considered the Metro Shake-II, a stone-coated steel roofing material by Metro Roof Products (Oceanside, Calif.). The company bills its products as “Smart Roofs for Smart People,” which seemed to fit Wong and his project perfectly. 
“The system is well thought-out. It makes sense,” says Wong, an anesthesiologist and part-time land developer.

Metal roof solves asbestos problem

Spring Valley Lake Country Club in Victorville, Calif., wasn’t losing members because of the outdated, deteriorating roof on its clubhouse, but the building’s exterior wasn’t very inviting for members or guests. The heavy wood shake roof had been there since Arnold Palmer was in his prime. Too bad it wasn’t aging as gracefully. Shakes had blown off. The remaining ones were dried out, badly sunbleached, and just plain old looking. General manager Bruce Zahn couldn’t wait to tear it off and put on something new. He wanted red tile.

“Steel Alliance Uses Metro Shake-II panels for latest photo shoot

The multi million dollar advertising campaign funded by the Steel Alliance recently staged a shot with Metro Roof Products latest Shake panel installed (Metro Shake-II).  They chose this particular product for its wood shake looks and eye appeal.   
“A steel roof that does not look like wood” noted Sarah Berumen of GSD&M who are the administrators and creative agency for the Alliance.  The ad is being presented across many national home & Garden type publications that are family oriented magazines as well as Redbook.

Money-Saving Idea Earns Laughlin Member Award

LAUGHLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Texas (AETCNS) - A member of the 47th Civil Engineer Squadron here, received a $3,969 award April 17, for an idea he submitted under the Innovative Development through Employee Awareness Program, saving the Air Force $1,130,744 over the next 45 years. 
Donald Hendrix, construction representative, suggested replacing the asphalt roofs in base with metals roofs after a severe hailstorm in 2002 caused extensive damage.

Metro Roof Products HOA Fullerton CA Amberwood Association Shows Their Metal in Re-Roof Project

Tucked in the metropolitan hills of Fullerton, California lies an unexpectedly secluded community known as Amberwood. For the most part, the moderate southern California climate had been kind to their nearly 25-year-old wood shake roofs, allowing them to prolong the inevitable… a complete community re-roof.
The Amberwood association board began listing their requirements so that a comprehensive budget plan could be developed to quickly move ahead on the 310,000 square foot re-roof project.

Seagate Complex Proves That “Third Time is a Charm

How many times have you heard tales of associations spending thousands of dollars chasing roof leaks, only to find that they would have been better off just replacing the entire roof. Seagate Condominium Complex experienced this first hand and proactively decided, enough was enough.
Barbara Hayes-Rosaberg is the manager of Seagate Condominiums in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Roof Tile That Won’t Weigh Heavy On Your Re-roofing Decision

Like any other product today, your home was built to exact specifications, including the amount of weight the roof rafters were designed to support. Yet when re-roofing, homeowners often fail to consider the weighty effects of replacing a shake or composition roof with a heavy concrete or clay tile.
Les Southam, of AA Roof Supply in Pleasant Grove, Utah comments, ”Tile is 
An attractive product, but not always the best re-roofing alternative.

Metro Shake-II BATTEN-LESS Stone-Coated Steel Panel Roof System

Metro today announced that it is launching a ‘Batten-Less” version of its increasingly popular Metro Shake panel. This NEW stone-coated steel panel will be marketed as Metro Shake-II and be offered as an addition to the existing Metro panel line-up. All Metro literature carries the message that reads, “Metro Roof Products redefines roofing through smart product design and speed of innovation”.

Metro Roof Products used on Dana Point HOA Marlborough Country Steers Clear of Shaky Traditions

Located on the sprawling hillsides of southern California’s Dana Point is the Marlborough Seaside Villas, a 20-year-old, 252-unit community overlooking the Pacific coastline. Like many established communities, the Marlborough Seaside Villas were constructed with traditional wood shake roofs that had recently become a nuisance with constant leaks.

Metro receives UL Class – 4 Impact Resistance Rating

The Metro product range consists of Metrotile, Metro Shake & Metro Shingle panels. All are coated with a proprietary stone-coated factory applied finish that carries a fifty (50) year limited warranty. This warranty specifically covers high winds up to 120 M.P.H., and hail impact. The product line has been tested at UL and received a Class - 4 rating for Impact Resistance, the highest rating available for impact testing on roof materials.

Metro receives UL Class – 4 Impact Resistance Rating

The Metro product range consists of MetroTile, MetroShake & MetroShingle panels. All are coated with a proprietary stone-coated factory applied finish that carries a fifty (50) year limited warranty. This warranty specifically covers high winds up to 120 M.P.H., and hail impact. The product linea has been tested at UL and received a Class - 4 rating for Impact Resistance, the highest rating available for impact testing on roof materials.

Metro names industry veterans to factory start-up

Metro Roofing Products has named two roof industry veterans to head up its rapidly growing operations in the United States. The company's roof manufacturing plant is being established in Oceanside, California.
Joe Wilson and Peter Croft will form the nucleus of a management team to bring the company into full production. Metro currently manufactures stone-coated steel roofs in tile shake and shingle profiles.