GO-GREEN with Metro Roof Products

Going green is easy with a Metro roof, as we not only have a select group of colors that meet the federal Energy Star® reflectivity we also have some colors that meet the CRRC Rated Product criteria for California and all MetroSHAKE®, MetroTILE® & MetroROMAN® panel profiles provide an ‘Above Sheathing Ventilated Space’ (ASV) which has been proven to provide energy efficiency to a home.

Metro has a total of three (3) colors that meet the US federal Energy Star® 25% reflectivity requirements when new and 15% reflectivity when aged 3-years, these colors are: Pearl, White , Aspen , Driftwood.

Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) is a great way to GO-GREEN with Metro using the MetroSHAKE®, MetroTILE® or MetroROMAN® panel profiles in a direct-to-deck application that creates an approximate 1-inch air space across the roof deck allowing air to migrate between the roof panel course from the fascia-eave to the ridge.

CRRC-Rated Products from Metro (Cool Roof Ratings Council) lists Metro colors that have been independently tested to meet the CRRC Rated Products 20% Initial & Aged Rating Performance for Reflectivity. Some municipalities may offer discounts off of your utility bills if you can show proof-of-purchase of a CRRC Rated Product like Metro in the five (5) colors listed — Pearl White, Aspen, Mission Gold, Driftwood & Oak.
The roofs above were installed using Metro’s COOL COLORS.
ASV — The unique design of the Metro panels allows them to be installed Batten-Less or as a Batten-System, both methods create an approximate average air-space beneath the panels and “Above the Roof Deck” that provides energy efficiency equal to Energy Star reflectance levels irrelevant of the color. Review the detailed 12-month+ study performed by DOE (Department of Energy) - ORNL (Oakridge National Laboratory) that explains this performance.
GREEN DATA SHEET — Green thinking starts at the top. This environmentally focused flyer provides the basic information on Metro's products and how they interact comfortably with the environment.
WHY METRO – SMART-Ventilation ASV — This data sheet shows a cross-section detail of the Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV), and how this can eliminate the need to install a highly reflective roof while still meeting the new CA Title-24 Energy Code requirements.