Ventilating Attic Fires

VENTILATING ATTIC FIRES – Press-Formed Metal Panel Roofs

The attached document was created from materials developed by the Steel Roofing Manufacturers Association (SRMA) of Southern California. MCA has formatted this information into the attached PDF for easy reference and use by local fire departments in their training programs.

A ‘high-res’ PDF of this document can be downloaded directly from the Metal Construction Association (MCA) website. To download the “Ventilating Attic Fires” PDF go to, then click on- “Metal Roofs”, then scroll down to “Ventilating Attic Fires; Press-Formed Metal Panels Roofs/Fire Service General Procedures Guide – Published 2013”

It is the responsibility of the respective fire department performing the training that they follow their own established safety guidelines and fire fighting techniques developed by their State Fire Marshall or Regional Fire Training Centers. The sole purpose of this information is to inform local fire service teams of how simple a stone-coated steel press-formed roof can be accessed to properly ventilate an attic fire.

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