Metro SMART Estimate

SMART Estimate Disclaimer:
The SMART Estimate is provided merely as a 'Rough Guide' for distributors and contractors when ordering materials for inventory or to get an approximate idea of what is needed to install a Metro roof. Metro Roof Products assumes no responsibility for accuracy of this estimate due to the limited knowledge of the specific job. This estimate is based solely on mathematical formulas developed from actual California installations, and due to different architecture across America we strongly recommend you base your order for materials off of an actual drawing of the job you are estimating.

Estimating Formulas  
Type Roof 
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Roof Squares 
ITEMFormula XJob Est.PerUNIT
DESCRIPTION (* = Select only one)Per SQUAREQty. /Pcs. Wgt lbs
Metro Shake-II20.00pcXX.00
Shake 'V' Cap for Ridge & Hip4.00pcXX.00
End Disc 'V' shape0.30pcXX.00
Drip Edge Metal PAINTED 120"0.60pcXX.00
Shake-II Rake Channel STONE-COATED 79"0.916pcXX.00
Fascia Starter Strip PAINTED 120"0.58pc2.50
'U' Batten PAINTED 120"0.58pcXX.00
20" Shake-II Double 'V' Valley Metal PAINTED 120"0.18pcXX.00
2.5" Counter Flashing Side Wall STONE-COATED 79"0.309pcXX.00
Side Wall Under pan Metal BARE 120"0.309pcXX.00
2X2 Ridge - Hip Battens10.00lin ftXX.00
Paint for roof jacks & pipes0.07eaXX.00
Touch-Up Kits0.033eaXX.00
Sealant Tubes0.218eaXX.00
6d Panel Nails HILTI Super Black 2-3/8" X .113" 5k/bx (35lbs/Bx)180.00nails