“Meet With All Decision Makers”

For Immediate Release
J ust like every roof is different, so is every customer. You never know for sure what you’re dealing with until      you’re onsite. That’s why Wayne Stanek of Lifetime Shingles, with offices in Jordan, Minn., and Marshfield, Wis., makes sure he always meets with all of the decision makers. The sooner you can answer all the questions, the better chance you have of getting the project. You want to answer any possible objections — not leave it up to someone else. “When you’re dealing with a church, you’re best bet is making a presentation to the whole board,” Stanek says. “When we can meet with the whole board, we do pretty well. If we get to meet with one board member and trust that board member to relay our message to the rest of the board, we got about a 90 percent failure rate.”