California, Florida Homeowners First in U.S. to Receive New MetroROMAN® Tile Roof

For Immediate Release
March 2, 2005
Pete Croft, 714-580-7369 (cell)
OCEANSIDE, Calif. – Finding a roof with a true Mediterranean tile look without the traditional roofing drawbacks has been a challenge for homeowners. Metro Roof Products is about to make it easier. 
Metro has developed a new stone-coated steel roof panel, the MetroROMAN® Tile, that gives homeowners exactly the look they want while being lightweight, walkable and virtually unbreakable. Metro V.P. of marketing, Pete Croft, announced Monday that the MetroROMAN® Tile, initially designed for use in Europe, is being made available early next month in California and Florida. 
Demand in those states is rising for such a roof because of fire-safety concerns in California and hurricane damage in Florida. Mediterranean tile-style roofs are particularly popular in those regions. But the crushing weight of concrete and clay tile systems pose engineering challenges when re-roofing most wood-frame homes. 
“We know customer interest is high because of the response to us showing the Metro ROMAN® Tile at a recent roofing show in Florida,” Croft says. “Response from contractors was amazing, also. Their customers have been asking for this.” 
The MetroROMAN® Tile gives Metro Roof Products a line of stone-coated steel roofing that offer virtually every shape a homeowner demands. Metro offers batten-less shake and tile profiles, a low-profile shingle with concealed fasteners, and now the Roman in a true Mediterranean tile look. 
“We are taking the appeal of our current lineup of easy-to-install batten-less designs and providing an alternative for those who demand that little extra in looks,” Croft says. 
Installed as a ‘batten-less’ install or on battens (1X4 or 2X2), the MetroROMAN® Tile panels feature half-inch vertical ribs for strength. The ribs, combined with the panels’ scalloped lower sections close to the roof deck, create solid walkability. 
A patent-pending design on the overlap and sidelap details allow a clean fit to maintain the beautiful tile look. The nose and back lip are more substantial than other tile designs on the market. 
 As with all of Metro roof panels, the MetroROMAN® Tiles are finished with an attractive stone coating embedded in a UV-resistant acrylic polymer for a lasting bond to Galvalume® steel. They are warranted against 120 mph winds, Class-4 hail impact resistance, and have a Class-A fire rating. 
Metro Roof Products produces lightweight Stone-Coated Steel roofs in tile, shake and shingle designs. All Metro products are backed by a 50-year limited warranty and 25-year limited appearance warranty.  #