Metro receives UL Class – 4 Impact Resistance Rating

January 12th, 2001

The Metro product range consists of Metrotile, Metro Shake & Metro Shingle panels. All are coated with a proprietary stone-coated factory applied finish that carries a fifty (50) year limited warranty. This warranty specifically covers high winds up to 120 M.P.H., and hail impact. The product line has been tested at UL and received a Class - 4 rating for Impact Resistance, the highest rating available for impact testing on roof materials.

While Metro's tile, shake and shingle roof products are already making inroads into both the re-roof and new construction sectors, especially in California, "we're ready to move to the next stage," says Croft.
"We are producing an entirely new generation of roof products, so we need to build the entire operation from the ground up," he says. The company recently completed commissioning its state-of-the-art factory in Oceanside California in order to provide local supply to the North American market.

Metro’s roots are based in New Zealand, where the technological footings for the strong, lightweight stone-coated steel roofing were developed after World War Two. Introduced into the US in the early 1980s, stone-coated steel roofs have proved to be a strong competitive alternative to traditional clay, concrete and asphalt-based products.