Metro Roof Products HOA Fullerton CA Amberwood Association Shows Their Metal in Re-Roof Project

For Immediate Release
July 16th, 2002
Tucked in the metropolitan hills of Fullerton, California lies an unexpectedly secluded community known as Amberwood. For the most part, the moderate southern California climate had been kind to their nearly 25-year-old wood shake roofs, allowing them to prolong the inevitable… a complete community re-roof.
The Amberwood association board began listing their requirements so that a comprehensive budget plan could be developed to quickly move ahead on the 310,000 square foot re-roof project. Their essential needs and aesthetic desires were reviewed to determine the best roof replacement material. As it turned out, the association members were generally pleased with the architectural appeal of the existing wood shakes. However, there was interest in improving fire resistance due to the number of trees and close proximity of the individual buildings to one another. Further input revealed the need for a ‘walk-able’ product, because the number of mature trees required routine service of rain gutters, as well as the usual community painting requirements.
The product search began with a revue of current wood shake roofs, which thanks to modern technology can be chemical treated to provide a Class ‘A’ fire rating. Wood shakes are also a very walk-able product. The Amberwood concerns focused on the closeness of the units to one another and the propensity of a fire to spread should one breakout. The fire ratings of various roofing materials differ greatly. Just because a product receives a Class ‘A’ rating when it’s brand new, does not necessarily mean that it will have the same fire resistance five or ten years later. You must also apply a dose of common sense when considering the durability of a product.
With all this in mind, the association contacted RAM Metal Roof Mart for some samples of stone-coated steel roofing. The metal substrate used in this type of product supplies consistent, long-term fire protection and will stand up to good levels of foot traffic. It generally comes in several different profiles, such as shake or shingle, and in a variety of attractive stone color blends. The product is also very lightweight and provides space underneath for additional energy-saving insulation.
After review of the various samples, the Amberwood association selected a shake profile manufactured by Metro Roof Products, sighting that they liked the Metro design and Weathered Timber color the best. They also went one step further and opted for an insulating wedge product, called WEDGE-IT, that fits underneath the metal shake panels. This insulator not only provides an additional R-4 value toward energy efficiency, but also enhances roof walk-ability.
Once the roof material was decided, Amberwood moved forward with the bid process. Through their consultant they lined up three experienced contractors who were each fully licensed and bonded with a minimum of one million dollars liability insurance and who also maintained current workers compensation for their employees. The project was eventually awarded to Dave Bienek Roofing, a skilled metal roof installation company out of Lake Forest, California.
Through careful planning and knowledgeable assistance from their roof consultant, Amberwood swiftly handled their re-roof project. They maintained the aesthetic appeal of their old shake roofs, but also improved fire resistance and energy efficiency. In addition, the new Metro shake carries a 50-year limited weatherproof warranty, and something not normally found in a roof product… a 25-year appearance warranty. From the look of it, Amberwood residents will be sitting pretty for a long time.