Metro Roof Products used on Dana Point HOA Marlborough Country Steers Clear of Shaky Traditions

February 7th, 2002
Located on the sprawling hillsides of southern California’s Dana Point is the Marlborough Seaside Villas, a 20-year-old, 252-unit community overlooking the Pacific coastline. Like many established communities, the Marlborough Seaside Villas were constructed with traditional wood shake roofs that had recently become a nuisance with constant leaks. Having previously established a relationship with a competent roof consultant, the association set out on a plan to replace all 540,000 square feet of roofing.
After a comprehensive assessment, and extensive product review by the Home Owners Association Board they chose Metrotile a stone-coated steel roof from Metro Roof Products of Oceanside CA.
All to often, associations of this size forge ahead without a comprehensive budget plan, leaving them with potentially serious shortfalls to complete the job. For example, if an association has $800,000 dollars allocated toward a million dollar re-roofing project, it is better to seek a financing source on the front-end with four fifths down. Instead, associations’ many times forge ahead under the pressures of leaky roofs, angry members and so on, soon finding that they are out of money on the backend. Then, with the upfront funds spent, lenders are less accommodating to come to terms on a straight $200,000 loan.
Another important consideration is the type of replacement roof. To enhance property values, most associations see the benefit of investing in a premium roof product. Marlborough Seaside Villas were no exception, opting for the elegance of tile. However, this presented another underlying challenge not immediately obvious to committee members until brought to light by their consultant. Considering that the Villas were originally designed for the weight of wood shakes, an engineer was brought in to determine if the structures could safely support the added weight of concrete tile. As it turned out, conventional tile at 10 to 12 pounds per square foot proved too heavy for the buildings. Even the lightweight concrete alternatives were nearly twice the weight of the original shake roofs and could not safely be installed without additional structural reinforcement to the roof deck.
Considering the initial expense of developing engineering plans, including the added costs for material and labor to reinforce the buildings, the board chose the more budget friendly alternative to meet their aesthetic needs. The solution came by way of a stone-coated steel tile distributed by RAM Metal Roof Mart. The product is manufactured by Metro Roof Products in nearby Oceanside, California and provides the rich look of tile at a fraction of the weight. Not only is the Metro Tile stronger and lighter than the original wood shake, but also provides greater weather protection and energy efficiency than its concrete counterpart. This is achieved by an interlocking tile design and unique mounting system that provides an air cavity between the roof deck and the roof material.
Once savvy to the added insulation benefits of the Metro tile, the association chose to enhance this feature with an added layer of 1_-inch thick foil-face insulation. In short, the association was able to achieve the look they wanted with a beautiful Terra Cotta tile roof. And as an added bonus, they benefit from tangible energy savings, as well as a more earthquake safe building… thanks to a truly lightweight roof product.
Bridled with a newfound enthusiasm of finding the best roof for their needs, the association continued through the contractor bidding process and completed their budget plan, and then Marlborough awarded the two-phase re-roof project to Cliff Brown Roofing of Mission Viejo.
With their homework complete, the Marlborough Seaside Villas have efficiently eliminated the leaking headache of the old wood shakes and increased property values with the fresh new look of tile. As an added bonus, increased energy efficiency will be saving them money for years to come. But perhaps the best part is that the Metro stone-coated steel tile carries a 50-year limited warranty, virtually eliminating re-roofing from the association’s agenda for a lifetime.