Roof Tile That Won’t Weigh Heavy On Your Re-roofing Decision

For Immediate Release
April 9th, 2002
Like any other product today, your home was built to exact specifications, including the amount of weight the roof rafters were designed to support. Yet when re-roofing, homeowners often fail to consider the weighty effects of replacing a shake or composition roof with a heavy concrete or clay tile.
Les Southam, of AA Roof Supply in Pleasant Grove, Utah comments, ”Tile is 
An attractive product, but not always the best re-roofing alternative. To fully appreciate what I’m talking about, you need to understand that a home “settles” based upon the weight of its roof. If that weight load were suddenly increased, cracks could develop in the exterior and interior wall finishes as the structure shifts.”
To consider the weight of your roofing decision, simply do the math: A shake roof weighs about 3 lb. per square foot, while tile runs anywhere from 6 to10 pounds. Apply these weights to the average 3,000 square foot roof, and you’ve got up to a 24,000 lb. weight variance. For tile, that’s the equivalent of parking six additional full-sized automobiles on your roof.
“I have seen some pretty scary things in my travels,” says Rob Lyons, of Pacific Rim Roofing Co. in Duvall, Washington. “I’ve run across homes with everything from saggy roof lines, to cracked stucco and plaster, to sticky windows and doors… all because the roof was too heavy.”
The solution to this dilemma is a lightweight metal roof tile made by Metro Roof Products. The innovative, stone-coated steel panel weighs-in about the same as a wood shake or composition roof yet provides the rich look of tile. Weight is not Metro’s only trump card. Due to its super durable steel substrate, Metro tile has exceptional fire, wind, hail and weatherproof characteristics – making it the smart choice for re-roofing.
Yet another benefit to the Metro design is it’s energy saving attributes. Because of a unique mounting system, the Metro features an insulating layer of air to help keep the interior temperatures consistent. This same feature also helps prevent ice damming in the winter.
Even if tile is not the look you are going for, Metro’s stone-coated steel advantages are also available in shake or shingle designs. For more information about the complete line of Metro Roof Products, as well as details on their 50-year limited weatherproof warranty, visit them at