Stone-Coated Steel Roofing History

While stationed in Britain during WWII a New Zealand industrialist noticed how the corrugated iron hangers and military structures roofed in steel were holding up to the rigors of the British climate. The service life was prolonged by the bitumen coating over the steel.

He took the idea back to New Zealand and perfected it further by adding a layer of stone chips into the coating to create an even longer lasting surface protection. His next step was to create simulated tile shapes in the metal instead of the traditional corrugated sheets. From this basic concept the stone-coated steel tiles of today were born.


A Smart Roof For Smart People

Today’s stone-coated steel panels incorporate the same basic ingredients but with a high tech flavor. Over the years companies have perfected the coatings used and today’s stone-coated steel roofs incorporate state-of-the-art acrylic technology and have been tested in a part of the world that has one of the most severe UV climates. It is these advances in acrylic and chemistry technology that have enabled Metro to provide a limited appearance warranty on the surface coating stretching for over 20 years.

Since the early days of stone-coated steel, many shapes have evolved and now through Metro Roof Products you can chose a profile that best suits the architecture of your home. From the graceful curves of MetroTile, the earthy wood-tones of MetroShake to the eye appealing low-profile MetroShingle, any of them add up to a smart roof for smart people.